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Daily Report: 16th April 2021

Pound (£) The Pound remains subdued for the time being. This is due to a combination of vaccine related headlines, rising tension in Northern Ireland and the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections on 6th May. The market will pay close attention to see how the pro-independence SNP party fair against the competition in the polls. Euro (€) German final consumer price inflation index came out as forecast at 0.5%. The Italian government has approved EUR 40 billion worth of fiscal stimulus to help its economy recover. Italy also cut its 2021 GDP forecasts from 4.5% growth to 6.0 [...]

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Daily Report: 15th April 2021

Pound (£) The unrest and riots in Northern Ireland have kept any Sterling gains at bay for the time being. Brexit Minister Frost will hold talks with European Commission Vice-President Sefcovic in order to attempt to find a solution over trading arrangements for Northern Ireland. Euro (€) [...]

Daily Report: 14th April 2021

Pound (£) The Pound has seen limited gains as UK GDP data showed that the economy only expanded by 0.4% in February which was lower than anticipated. The market remains volatile after Bank of England Chief Economist Haldane said he will resign from his post in June. [...]

Daily Report: 13th April 2021

Pound (£) The Pound remained subdued for much of yesterday. This morning, both UK manufacturing and industrial production figures came out better than expected although so far has given Sterling a boost across the board. Euro (€) Eurozone retail sales beat the market's expectations yesterday which gave [...]

Daily Report: 12th April 2021

Pound (£) The Pound has weakened due to issues with the AstraZeneca vaccine and its link to blood clots, which has slowed down the number of first jab vaccinations in the UK. MPC member Tenreyro will be speaking later this afternoon which may cause some short-term volatility. [...]

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