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Daily Report: 31st July 2020

The government has announced further lockdown measures across the country including East Lancashire, Greater Manchester and certain parts of West Yorkshire after recent spikes of new coronavirus cases in those parts of the country. China’s ambassador to the UK, Xiaoming, has said that the UK’s recent interference with Hong Kong has ‘poisoned’ UK-China relations. Nonetheless, the Pound has made some slight gains against the Euro and is trading above major technical levels against the Dollar. Yesterday, German preliminary GDP data came out worse than expected at -10.1% compared to -9.0% that was forecasted. In addition, both the [...]

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Daily Report: 30th July 2020

The Pound continues to struggle to make any further gains against the Euro due to a lack of progress over post-Brexit trade negotiations with the EU. Health Secretary Hancock has said that new countries could join Spain and be added to the quarantine list over the next few days. [...]

Daily Report: 29th July 2020

The UK government has signed a deal which will secure 60 million coronavirus vaccine doses of a drug being developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. Prime Minister Johnson has suggested that there are signs of a second virus wave in mainland Europe which is why any arrivals from Spain will [...]

Daily Report: 28th July 2020

EU chief negotiator Barnier believes that Prime Minister Johnson does want to agree to a post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU despite urging the UK to get ready for a possible no-deal scenario. Barnier has told his team that he remains confident but a deal is likely to be [...]

Daily Report: 27th July 2020

Even though UK manufacturing and services PMI data were both released better than anticipated, the Pound has struggled to make any significant gains against both the Euro and the Dollar with a lack of progress during post-Brexit trade with the EU keeping the Pound under wraps for the time [...]

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