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Daily Report: 10th June 2022

GBP The pound has been sold in early trading after Reuters reported that the government will present legislation to Parliament on Monday to unilaterally revise the post-Brexit trade arrangements for Northern Ireland. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is expected to table the controversial legislation after a Cabinet committee signed it off on Wednesday, despite reports of concerns from Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Senior Minister Michael Gove. The European Union has made clear that such a move would represent a breach of international law and would prompt retaliatory action from the bloc. Sterling’s fortunes against the dollar on the [...]

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Daily Report: 9th June 2022

GBP Sterling remains relatively unchanged from yesterday’s close against both the euro and dollar in early trading. UK economic growth will "grind to a halt" before briefly falling into negative territory according to a report published this morning by the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC). The business [...]

Daily Report: 8th June 2022

GBP Sterling has managed to hold onto most of yesterday's gains against the dollar and euro in early trading. The pound benefited yesterday afternoon from improved market sentiment as equity markets regained some of their poise after Monday’s falls. Earlier, sterling had been pressurised when data released [...]

Daily Report: 7th June 2022

GBP The pound fell to a three-week low against the dollar losing around 0.7%, whilst falling around 0.5% against the euro, before making moderate gains after Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a no-confidence vote on Monday evening. The PM won the vote 211 to 148, but his [...]

Daily Report: 6th June 2022

GBP Sterling opens today on a stronger footing, slightly up against both the US dollar and the euro, despite damning news for Prime Minister Boris Johnson this morning. In a statement published on Monday, Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, announced that the threshold of [...]

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