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Daily Report: 2nd June 2020

Today, UK-EU post-Brexit trade negotiations are due to resume and will be the focus for today due to a lack of economic data being released. However, with neither side expecting a breakthrough a high-level meeting between Prime Minister Johnson and European Commission President von der Leyen will take place later this month with UK officials hoping that this will create ‘political momentum’. It has been reported that the UK will compromise on certain issues if the EU lower their demands on fishing and alignment from a regulatory standpoint, with the Pound strengthening as a result. Although Eurozone [...]

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Daily Report: 1st June 2020

The UK and EU will resume post-Brexit trade negotiations tomorrow which is likely to cause the Pound to be volatile this throughout the week. EU Chief negotiator Barnier has said that they want to reach an agreement with the UK and although it will be difficult’ he believes it [...]

Daily Report: 29th May 2020

Bank of England Governor Bailey has written that although negative interest rates are a policy that is being looked at, the central bank will not make any decisions quickly and instead will wait for further economic data. This helped the Pound find some support after losing ground against the [...]

Daily Report: 28th May 2020

The Pound has come under renewed pressure as of late with the EU suggesting that if the UK wants to extend the Brexit transition period they will have to ask by 30th June, with UK chief negotiator Frost reiterating that they will not seek to extend trade negotiations. Prime [...]

Daily Report: 27th May 2020

Reuters have reported that the EU is willing to give concessions to the UK regarding their approach to fisheries during next week's UK-EU post-Brexit trade negotiations, which has given the Pound a boost against the Euro and Dollar. The Bank of England’s Chief Economist Haldane believes that the UK [...]

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