Pound (£)

Sterling has had a bad 24 hours having previously continued to trade with the particularly positive virus/vaccination news over time. Since the negative news on the Astra Zeneca vaccine and the possible linkage to unusual blood clotting, the Pound has lost ground across a broad range of currencies falling up to 2 cents from the highs seen in Asian on Monday v Euro and 1 cent v Dollar.

Euro (€)
The Euro has benefitted having traded either side of 1:1900 v Dollar up over 1% from last weeks lows. The US Dollar is generally weaker too as US stocks hold at record highs, the Dow Jones index nearing 33,500 (less reason to hold Dollars for safe haven purposes)

US Dollar ($)
As well as stocks holding up well (see above), the roll out/program set for vaccines in the USA, looks positive for the economy going forward