Yesterday, UK flash manufacturing and services PMI data came out better than expected which gave the Pound an additional boost across the board. Despite EU chief negotiator Barnier suggesting once again that the three main sticking points of fisheries, state aid and competition still remain, the market shrugged off concerns and remains cautiously optimistic that a deal can be agreed to.

German final GDP figures came out at 8.5% compared to the expected 8.2% figure which has given the Euro some strength against the Dollar. There are rumours that the current set of lockdown restrictions in Germany will be extended until 20th December as Europe’s largest economy struggles to contain the coronavirus.

Although both US manufacturing and services PMI data beat forecasts, the Dollar continued to remain weak due to optimism about potential coronavirus vaccines and increased expectations that the Federal Reserve will take monetary action soon to stimulate the US economy. Donald Trump has suggested that the transition should begin for Joe Biden to take office, although he later tweeted that he will continue to fight his legal battles in the meantime whilst refusing to formally concede defeat.