The Pound has lost some ground as there has been a lack of any real news on the Brexit front. EU chief negotiator Barnier has reportedly called for a meeting of EU fisheries ministers today to update them on any progress on this sticking point during the most recent round of talks. Face-to-face negotiations between the two parties are set to resume in London.

Both French CPI and GDP data came out better than expected this morning which has shored up the Euro. ECB member Panetta has said that the central bank’s current level of stimulus is not sufficient enough which has reaffirmed the market’s expectation that further monetary stimulus will be introduced in December.

Donald Trump has suggested that he will leave the White House if Biden’s victory is officially confirmed. As yesterday was Thanks Giving in the US, there has been a lack of economic data on the Dollar front. The market remains positive over potential COVID vaccines which is keeping the Dollar weak.